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  • Published : July 01, 2019
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Project Details

Elevating Web Analytics for TD Insurance Products in North America

TD Insurance, a key player in the North American insurance market, recognized the need to enhance its online presence and optimize the customer experience. To achieve these goals, the organization focused on a comprehensive web analytics project specifically tailored for TD Insurance products in North America.

Project Objectives:

  1. Website Performance Analysis:

    • Approach: Utilizing Google and Adobe Analytics, the team involved a meticulous analysis of the insurance products’ website performance.
    • Key Activities:
      • Examined user journeys to identify high-traffic areas and potential bottlenecks specific to insurance product pages.
      • Analyzed page load times, bounce rates, and user engagement metrics for optimization opportunities related to insurance content.
      • Implemented custom event tracking to capture interactions relevant to insurance product inquiries.
  2. Customer Segmentation for Marketing Strategy:

    • Approach: The team aimed to enhance marketing campaigns’ effectiveness by understanding customer segments for insurance products.
    • Key Activities:
      • Conducted customer segmentation analysis to identify distinct user groups interested in insurance offerings.
      • Aligned marketing strategies for insurance products with specific segments to personalize content and promotions.
      • Utilized analytics insights to tailor campaigns for targeted impact in the insurance domain.
  3. Tag Audits and Analytics System Monitoring:

    • Approach: Ensured the accuracy and reliability of data specific to TD Insurance through regular tag audits and system monitoring.
    • Key Activities:
      • Conducted periodic tag audits to guarantee proper implementation and tracking of key metrics related to insurance product interactions.
      • Monitored the performance of the analytics system for insurance products, addressing any discrepancies or anomalies promptly.
      • Implemented measures for data integrity and security, particularly crucial in the insurance sector.


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